Imran Khan Urges Pakistanis To Emulate Overseas Indians And Chinese

While addressing a ceremony held at Islamabad to mark the Anti-Corruption Day, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has made some interesting comments. He urged the Pakistan people who are in abroad to follow the footsteps of Indians and Chinese who invest in their Own country to assure a corruption-less environment that boosts the cash-strapped economy of the Nation.

"The money that we had to spend on the education of youth, research and higher education, has been spent to make palaces across the seas and fill hefty bank accounts," Khan said.

"People don't understand the relation between corruption and their lives... corruption badly affects them."Overseas Chinese invested in China, & overseas Indians invested in India; their economies boomed," he observed.

"Overseas Pakistanis are our great asset. I am connected with them. They are reluctant to invest in Pakistan because of corruption and bribery," he added.
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