Mahesh Babu - The real all-rounder on Twitter!

There are many celebrities who maintain social media accounts just to promote their films. But superstar Mahesh Babu is different from the rest. He is just not confined to promote his films and share his family pictures on vacations but he proved to be a perfect all-rounder on Twitter.

Apart from sharing his family clicks and promote his films, Mahesh is the first when it comes to wishing actors and technicians on their birthdays and he often gives his opinion on films that he watched. Also, he quickly shared his condolences when people like Venu Madhav and Gollapudi Maruthi Rao passed away recently.

Mahesh never hesitates to share his thoughts on social issues like Disha rape incident, Jallikattu issue and many others. This way, Mahesh Babu's Twitter handle is his medium of expressing himself other than a mere PR managed account.
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