Shock to TDP leader who occupied posession land

According to some media reports, a TDP leader who has grabbed government land using his power experienced a major shock as the revenue officers recovered the land from the leader.

Going into detail, TDP leader Dupana Satyanarayana has occupied 4 acres and 80 cents of land which is on the banks of Bahuda river and kept his under control for some years. This land which is worth around Rs 50 lakhs was allotted to former army men by the government.

Reportedly the leader occupied the costly land by using his power. As he is from the ruling party then, the police officials did not dare to look into the case.

With constant news in media on this land grabbing, the officials started looking into the case. Local Tahasildar has conducted a survey on the lands with the latest development.

The revenue department gave a chance to Dupana to prove that this land belongs to him under form-7. With the leader failed to prove this the revenue officials declared the land as government property and erupted boards confirming this.
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