NASA scientists to find a safe landing spot on Mars

NASA which has found that Mars has ice spots is in the process of searching safe landing places to send its astronauts to Mars. It is revealed that the ice spots on Mars have been found about an inch below the surface.

NASA took to Twitter to confirm the same.

"Where should our first astronauts on the Red Planet land? A new "treasure" map shows water ice on Mars - a key consideration for any human landing site:  #AGU19," read NASA's Tweet.

In a press release, NASA researcher Sylvain Piqueaux said, "You don't need a backhoe to dig this ice. "You can use the shovel ".

We know that there has been water ice on Mars since 2008, NASA researcher Leslie Tampari said in an interview. "Because of the observation of Mars with multiple spacecraft over the last few years, we are discovering new ways to find this ice. These ice layers are less than 2.5 cm (one inch) below the surface of the Red Planet, so the agency already has several options for landing sites. However, a humanitarian Mars mission may not take place before 2030," Leslie said.
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