Pepper spray sales increased after Disha incident

Amazon India announced that the sale of pepper spray cans spiked eight times since the Hyderabad case.

Amazon India has said that pepper spray sales spiked 700% since the Hyderabad gangrape and murder case. The top ten best selling "safety and security" items on its website last week were also pepper sprays.

More than 100 showed up at two separate training camps in Kolkata on Sunday to learn self-defence techniques and volunteer groups are setting up similar pop-up camps in other parts of the country.

In recent times, the Hyderabad Metro Rail department also allowed women to carry pepper spray with them for self-defence.

Safety measures: Carry some or all of these with you in your handbag at all times, within easy reach. Pepper spray- It even comes in the form of keychains and wristbands now. A loud whistle- There is something called a rape whistle but even a normal one will buy you the time you need.
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