What's Pawan Kalyan's Take on CAB?

The controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) was passed in both the houses of the Parliament amid strong resistance from the opposition parties. The North-eastern states have staged a violent protest by setting ablaze many vehicles and buildings.


While both ruling and opposition parties in Andhra Pradesh YSRCP and TDP have voted in favour of the bill. Actor-turned-politician, Janasena Supremo did not utter a word on the CAB till now.

In the general elections, the Janasena barely managed to win just a single MLA seat and the party could not make it to the parliament. Even the party chief lost both the constituencies he contested.

Earlier he hit the roads regarding the problems faced by the construction employees in Vizag which he named as 'Long March.' On Twitter, he tweeted a series of tweets opposing the introduction on English Medium in the government schools.

Coming to Telangana, TRS and AIMIM has strongly opposed the bill. Pawan Kalyan who proclaims that he entered politics to question the wrong doings of the ruling parties, did not raise his voice against Modi till now. The political circles are citing that he kept his silence fearing about the consequences of locking the horns with BJP.
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