Trailer Talk: Karthi's Donga feels like Athadu with Sister Sentiment!

What if Mahesh Babu from Athadu was funny and talkative? What if he had to get in the good books of 'his' elder sister? What if the entire family has political relevance in the village?

Karthi's Donga trailer feels like an answer to all the above questions. We get Jyothika in a matured and stern character and Karthi in a more chirpy character.

Both of them don't seem to be doing anything new, but their chemistry seems to be something new to explore on screen.

Their real life relationship seems to have come out on screen in this film. But Jeethu Joseph, who is known for his thrillers, especially crime thrillers, seems to have gone for commercial formula route, at least from the trailer.

One cannot take him easy, as he can come up with a new twist to the same old story. He proved it in his earlier films and even Drishyam is not entirely new story, but he gave a new twist to it.

Even though trailer seems to be ordinary, it would be interesting to see what Jeethu Joseph has done with this old family sentiment story with Jyothika and Karthi jodi, as brother and sister.

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