It's Etela vs Gangula in Karimnagar

A cold war is on between two ministers of KCR government. Both the ministers are from the same district and also from the same BC community. A war of supremacy is raging between the two. The two ministers in question are TRS senior Etela Rajender and new entrant Gangula Kamalakar.

For years, Etela has been the most popular BC face of the TRS and has been with the party right from its inception. He has emerged as the to-go man for the BC communities across the state. But, now things are a changing. Gangula Kamalakar too is a BC and he has been given the BC welfare department. This means every BC leader who matters has to go him for any work. Etela feels that Gangula is eating into his support base as more and more Dalit leaders are flocking to Gangula to get their works done. A race of sorts is taking place in Karimnagar as to who attracts more BCs towards himself.
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