'Chappak' Trailer Talk: Deepika's Touching Performance As Malati!

Nearly two years after the release of 'Padmaavat', phenomenal actress Deepika Padukone is coming back on the silver screen with 'Chappak'. The theatrical trailer was released today on the occasion of Human Rights Day and it is going to be a soul-stirring watch on January 10th, 2020.

Deepika plays the role of an acid attack victim named Malati. The film is based on some true events and it showcases how the life of a young girl turns upside down without her fault. How she stands up on her feet again and live her life to the fullest forms the rest of the story. The trailer is completely filled with emotional moments and Deepika is just wonderful in the role of Malati. You can say that she surely gave an award-worthy performance just by watching the trailer.

Directed by Meghana Gulzar ('Raazi' fame), 'Chappak' is going to be an inspirational story which gives you hope on life even after you lose everything and it also focuses on the loopholes in our society.

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