Use Encounters To Curb Rapes: Star Hero

Film Personalities have been expressing their opinion on the encounter of Disha Case Accused carried out by the Hyderabad Police at the same spot where the victim was burnt. The tweet placed by Kannada Star Upendra on this encounter stirred a controversy.

Upendra wondered if there is clear evidence to prove that those four Youngsters had gang-raped and murdered the Veterinarian Doctor. He questioned, 'Why such encounters doesn't happen whenever influential people were involved in crimes? Encounter of the accused even before the legal procedure ends isn't the right thing to do. In the past, Encounters used to happen for suppressing rowdism. Honest police officers should follow the same method to curb rapes on Women. Its the responsibility of the officials to ensure the rich & influential doesn't misuse it'.

There were mixed reactions on the Tweet placed by Upendra. The Kannada Actor ended up facing backlash from all those who aren't okay with his comments. At the same time, Many of his fans defended the Actor and appreciated him for sharing his opinion frankly.

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