KGF Sets A New Record!

KGF is one of the most loved films by audiences in recent years. This statement found another proof as it became most viewed film on OTT platforms all over India, this year.

Movie released in December last year and became Kannada Industry's Baahubali size hit. The movie created a huge market for Yash and director, Prasanth Neel is the most sought after director, now.

The movie's sequel or Chapter-2 is getting ready as we speak and the talk is that it could release around same time like first one, next year or even earlier.

Movie could overtake all big films from 2019 and even biggest hits on Amazon Prime. The numbers are not out but the statement is being strongly supported by OTT platform trend observers.

Film did not find critical acclaim but audiences have lapped it up like a commercial classic. Let's see what the second chapter holds in store for us.

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