I Am Shiva...No Stupid Court Can Prosecute Me!

The downfall of self-styled godman Swamy Nithyananda began after the video featuring him in a compromising position with Actress Ranjitha went viral. In the recent past, Cases were filed against him for wrongful confinement of minors and rapes.

On the other hand, A Former Devotee who is a French national filed a complaint accusing Nithyananda of cheating him to the tune of USD 400,000. Gujarat Police might seek a Blue Corner Notice from Interpol against Nithyananda.

Recently, Nithyananda claimed to have found his own country 'Kailassa' which he described as Hindu soverign nation. In the latest video, He claims: 'Now nobody can touch Me. I will tell the truth...I am Param Shiva. No stupid court can prosecute Me for revealing the truth'.

External Affairs Ministry cancelled the passport of Nithyananda and it also turned down the application from the controversial Godman seeking a fresh one. The whereabouts of Nithyananda were not known yet. He might have fled the country to avoid facing arrest on abduction and rape charges.
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