Big shock to TDP: Key financer leaves party

Even as Chandrababu is straining his every nerve to keep the party afloat, here's a major shock. Party's diehard supporter and financial mainstay for the TDP in Nellore, Beeda Mastan Rao is all set to desert the sinking ship that the TDP is. He and his brother Beeda Ravichandra are all set to join the ruling YSRCP on Saturday.

Beeda Mastan Rao has been one of the biggest financers of the TDP in Nellore district and his leaving could deeply impact the party. He is a BC and has considerable hold on the BC communities in Nellore district. If he joins the YSRCP, a significant section of the BC communities could leave the TDP. Beeda Mastan Rao is a former MLC while his brother Ravichandra was an MLA for one term. There has been a nagging feeling among the Beeda brothers that their services and contribution to the party have never been suitably rewarded. They were also upset that Mastan Rao was forced to fight for the Nellore MP seat much against his wishes. This defeat had made a big hole in his pocket.

Ever since, the brothers have been keeping a low profile in the party and were in consultation with the YSRCP leaders. Now, they have decided to leave the TDP and join the YSRCP. If sources are to be believed, he is likely to be given a Rajya Sabha seat.
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