Top Kannada heroine in political sex scandal

A top heroine of yester years and several upcoming heroines are allegedly involved in the honeytrap scandal of Karnataka, where the leaders of all parties were found to be involved. The investigations have shown that at least three heroines have a role in the sex racket. They lured the politicians and shot videos while the politicians were in compromising position with them. Using these video clips, they were found blackmailing the politicians. In one case, they released the sleaze video to ensure the defeat of a candidate belonging to a national party ahead of the crucial byelections in Karnataka.

The police revealed that at least one heroine is a big name in Sandalwood. She has acted with all the top Kannada heroes in about 25 films. The police are said to collecting additional information on these heroines before questioning them. The other two heroines have worked in three or four films, but are quite well-known names in Kannada film industry.
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