Sukumar's Best Friend Is Back With Playback!

Sukumar these days has become the toast of the Industry. Rangasthalam became his biggest identity card and the director did joke that people might feeling tired of watching him in every other film event.

But he spoke at length about the movie concept of Playback and even appreciated the guts of the director, Jakka Hari Prasad.

Well, our regular readers might have identified the name already. Yes, he is the best friend of Sukumar and he became director with Sukumar's production, Darshakudu, introducing his elder brother's son as lead actor.

Hari Prasad took inspiration from Sukumar to get into films and Sukku sir wants his friend to be as successful as him or even reach bigger heights.

Hence, he praised him at the event and wished all the luck to the project. He has been great help to most of his assistants and hopefully, Hari Prasad finds success with Playback.

The story of the film is very unique as it involves a girl from 90's talking to a boy from 2019 through a time machine phone. We have to wait and see, how well Hari Prasad handled this new concept, but Sukumar praised the story so much that we feel like watching it immediately. Is it same with you too?

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