PAs Taking Care Of Ruling In Constituency

Public representatives are meant to be available for the public in the constituencies so that they can share the problems they are facing. Quite a contrast to that one constituency is working oppositely.

PA's of ruling and opposition leaders are looking after the things in the constituency from official events to local settlements.

Going into details, in the 2019 elections, Actor-cum-politician won the Hindupuram seat. While the YSRCP candidate, former policemen Ahmad Iqbal lost the elections. Though he lost the elections, he continued as party in-charge of the constituency. He was given an MLC post too. Reportedly the local leaders are not happy with Iqbal’s behavior.

Recently YSRCP leaders and activists held a big meeting in Hindupur. It has been widely reported that everyone raised their voice against Iqbal and stated that there is no recognition for the workers in the party.

The same was explained to Minister Botsa Satyanarayana who is also party In-charge. They especially mentioned the interference of PAs in the constituency.

Hindupur has a special place in the state. Nandamuri Family members continued to represent the constituency from the time the party was founded. Currently, Balakrishna is representing the constituency. Before him, TDP founder NT Rama Rao and Harikrishna represented the constituency.

Even the ruling YSRCP party is not happy with PAs playing a key role in the constituencies. Let’s hope the ruling party gets rid of this.
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