Rajini touches this young man's feet!

A meeting with Rajinikanth kind of a Superstar and Legend of Indian Cinema, is a dream for many. This young man too dreamt for such an opportunity for ages.

But he did not just meet him but the actor touched his feet too. Well, he touched them in order to greet him.

Pranav proved to be an inspiration and he gifted a drawing to Kerala Chief Minister. He is a different abled person with no arms but full off mental strength.

He developed as an artist using his feet to draw, hold the canvas. He can even capture selfies with his feet and he is never bogged down by his inability at any stage.

He wished to meet Rajinikanth and the Superstar gave him appointment immediately.  Pranav was flown to Chennai to Rajini's residence and the actor greeted him by shacking his feet.

Well, while Pranav became an inspiration for us to live our lives, Rajini shows us how to be simple and grounded yet again. Fans of Thailavar are overjoyed with Rajini's kind gesture and simplicity.
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