Doctors unexpected move saves a patient in Flight

There is a famous saying in Telugu, 'Vaidyo Narayano Hari', which loosely translates to Doctor is Lord Vishnu. Maybe all the Doctors might not consider their profession as divine.

The following instance, makes you to belives the above saying.

An old man traveling from Guvang Jhu in China to Newyork in a flight. His health condition started declining suddenly. He is suffering from a Urine infection. People suffering from this disease cannot urinate.

There is no required equipment to operate this situation on the flight. Usually, they will go for an emergency landing in such situations.

In this emergency situation, two doctors traveling on the same flight who goes by the names Jhang Hong and Shiyavo Jhanshiyang started treating the old person.

Both the doctors started sucking the urine of the patient with their mouth using an oxygen mask and a pin. They had sucked almost one-liter urine and the patient survived.

Passengers have lauded the act of the doctors for their presence of mind.
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