Google 10 Crore Challenge To Hackers

Google poses a challenge to the latest smartphone hackers. Google has announced that if anyone can hack a newly updated Google Pixel smartphone, Google will reward them with $ 1.5 million. Google made the challenge to test the safety of its manufactured Pixel phone.

 Google has installed a Titan M Strong security chip on the Google Pixel phone. This protects the phone from being hacked and data theft. So this is the most armoured-made OS phone that no one can hack.

Google started its bug bounty programme for Android four years back in 2015. In the blog post, the company also revealed that it has awarded over 1,800 reports in the last four years and paid close to $4 million to bug bounty hunters. In the last 12 months, the company has paid over $1.5 million to those that have pointed out vulnerabilities in its systems
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