Sridevi Lookalike 'Tik Tok' Videos Shakes Internet!

It is common to see people who are reminiscent of popular celebrities these days. Their videos often attract the attention of people. One such 'Tik Tok' video is creating ripples on the internet right now.

It is known that legendary actress and evergreen beauty Sridevi died last February and left everyone in tears. People still remember her in one way or the other even though she left us for heaven. So, videos of Tik Tok artist Rakhi is creating a sensation off-late as she looks very similar to the late actress. She shares a striking resemblance to late Sridevi.

Under the name of Queen Rakhi, she often posts videos of herself enacting Sridevi's dialogues and songs from 'Chaalbaaz', ' Himmathwala' and other hit films. See it for yourself if you are into Tik Tok.
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