Will Pink Ball Test Match be Succesful?

Former Indian skipper, Sourav Ganguly has come up with many ideas for the betterment of the game after becoming the BCCI President. Out of his decision, playing the Day and Night match with the pink ball is a historic decision.

BCCI never showed interest in playing day and night test match. Though Cricket boards of England and Australia have encouraged the day and night matches, BCCI never gave a thought on this.

After becoming president of BCCI, Ganguly started the process of playing day and night test matches.

Generally, Indian Captian and Head Coach Ravi Sastry play a prominent role in the decision making in the team. But with a strong-minded person like Ganguly being the BCCI president, they don't have any other option left.

In this pink ball test match, India will lock horns with the Bangladesh team. Bangladesh board also agreed to Dada's decision.

Now the question is, whether this new format can entertain our cricket fans or not.
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