Indians Account For 93% Of H4 Visas In The US: Jaishankar

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar in Rajya Sabha stated that Indians today account for 93 per cent of the total number of visas issued under H4 category by the US. Trump administration has indicated that it will further review the programme.

"Ability of spouses of H1B visa holders working in the US to work was introduced in 2015. This category of visa is covered in H4 visa. Indians today account for 93% of the total number of visas issued in this category. There is a court order to the effect to continue the program. Trump (US President) Administration has indicated that it may review it sometime," said EAM Jaishankar

As per USCIS statistics, the minister said, a total of 116,031 initial or new HI-B petitions were processed and completed in fiscal 2019, out of which 27,707 were denied.

Dr Jaishankar said in fiscal 2018, 1.25 lakh H-IB visas were issued to Indian nationals which accounted for 69.9 per cent of the total 1.79 H-IB visa issued as per the US Department of State.
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