Star Heroine Depressed With Loneliness!

Life has its own plans and no one can change it. This applied perfectly to a Bollywood star heroine. Known for her unmatched beauty, the actress is now getting worried about her personal life. She left an actor who loved her and chose a youngster who ultimately dumped her and went for another cute actress.

Post the breakup, she went to the actor who gave life to her and loved her. She started working with him again and scored a hit. But, she is not in any relationship with him and they remained as friends. With this, she is left with no guy in her life.

With no lover and no options left for marriage, the star heroine is suffering from loneliness. With age acting against her and not having the right person by her side and the senior hero not interested in marriage anymore is affecting her badly. Also, leaving him for a young playboy star made things worse for her. By now, you would've guessed who that sexy actress is. Isn't it?
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