What happened to this young director?

There is a popular phrase in the film world that 'You are as good as your last film.' This is true in every sense as your craze, market and entire career depend on the verdict of your previous film. If your film tanks at the box-office, no hero will show interest in working with you despite your past hits.

Young director Merlapaka Gandhi falls under this category. This director who made a splendid debut in Tollywood with 'Venkatadri Express' became a director to watch for. He again scored a super hit with the second flick, 'Express Raja' starring Sharwanand. With two back-to-back hits, he became a crazy director. There was news that stars like Ram Charan showed interest in working with him. But the result of his third film, 'Krishna Arjuna Yuddham' changed everything. The film received a negative response and ended as the first flop for its hero Nani in three years.

Even after two years of its release, there is no news about Gandhi's next outing. The effect of 'Krishna Arjuna Yuddham' is very much evident on his career and hope he gets another chance to prove himself.
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