Second Trailer Reaction: RGV Mark Controversial Trailer This Time!

The maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is back again with the second trailer of his upcoming release, 'Kamma Rajyamlo Kadapa Reddlu'. He went a notch higher with this trailer which irks the followers of every political party in Andhra Pradesh.

He starts off the trailer with Chandra Babu and team discussing on how to survive for the next five years. The trailer is filled with remarks on the TDP leader accusing him of how love on his son ruined the party and many other things. He even targetted Pawan Kalyan, KA Paul and even Jagan for that matter. There is a line referring that 'Pottodu' will be conquering the party and we wonder who Varma is referring to!

A lot of politicians were shown in poor light and one can say that this trailer is aimed to create controversy and gain publicity as the film is releasing on 29th November. The casting is perfect and their imitation is very good while production and making leaves a lot to be desired. What do you think? Will Varma score a hit or gives us a disaster like every time?

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