So, Even Avanthi Srinivas's Chappals Are An Issue For TDP

The TDP, it appears, is hell bent on raking up religious sentiments in Andhra Pradesh and is trying every trick in the trade to portray the YSRCP as an anti-Hindu party. Every effort is being made to raise religious issues in the state. The latest issue to crop up is the usage of chappals by Minister Avanthi Srinivas. Due to health reasons, Avanthi Srinivas wears chappals even while being in Ayyappa Deeksha and he has been doing it for over seven to eight years. Infact, he had worn chappals while in Ayyappa Deeksha even when he was with the TDP.

But, the same TDP is now using this as a weapon to attack the YSRCP. It is making a big issue out of it and has said that Avanthi was using chappals as YSRCP is pro-Christian. But, Avanthi Srinivas pointed out that nobody found fault with his wearing chappals as long as he was in the TDP. But now, they are trying to rake up an unnecessary issue. He said he was wearing chappals due to health reasons and this was suggested by the doctors. He also pointed out that even Murali Mohan, the TDP former MP, wears chappals while being in Ayyappa Deeksha. How can Murali Mohan is right and I am wrong, when both of us are doing the same thing, Avanthi Srinivas asked.

The TDP these days is trying to champion Hindutwa causes and is trying to get closer to the BJP, which it had shunned ahead of the 2019 elections

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