Talented Director Helping Young Heroine!

He is a talented director who used to make films that show the real face of our society. Off late, he is more into biopics and currently working on his scripts to bounce back after a huge setback. Apparently, this director is doing all he can to lift the career of a young heroine.

This young North beauty made her debut under this director and gained a lot of fame. She got many offers with young heroes after that but all of them failed badly at the box-office. He even upped her glamour quotient in films and photoshoots but none could benefit her and she is left with zero films in her hand right now.

Now, the talented director who introduced her came to her rescue and is asking his colleagues personally to cast her in their films. He is making calls even to the young and upcoming directors and recommending her it seems. Hope his calls land the young actress in a good film.

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