Sona Mohapatra replies to Anu Malik's open letter

Singer Sona Mohapatra has responded to Anu Malik's statement where the music composer rejected all claims of sexual harassment allegations charged against him by several women from the music industry.

Music composer Anu Malik has broken his silence over the charges of sexual misconduct that have been levelled against him. Malik posted a note on social media saying he is innocent. Malik said his silence is being taken as a sign of weakness and that the allegations have hurt his family deeply and affected his career.

Ever since the false and unverified allegations were levelled against me, it has not only ruined my reputation, but affected me and my family's mental health, left us traumatised, and tarnished my career. I feel helpless like I am being cornered and suffocated. It's disgraceful that at this age, at this stage in my life I have to watch the most slanderous words and horrifying incidents being associated with my name. - Anu Malik, Music composer

Hours later, Mohapatra also responded to Malik's note and wrote on Twitter, "It has been spoken about very clearly. You have no right to be platformed on National TV till you make amends. 1.3 billion people exist in India. Not everyone needs to make crores on TV to survive or be 'judge' to young people whose safety they jeopardise. You aren't a role model. You could always take a break, go to a sex-rehab or counselling or somewhere to react on how to behave better. Ask your kids to do a hard days job & earn a salary. They are adults. I started working at 22. Do whatever it takes. Stay away from the public eye? Show some remorse? Say sorry? If you did, this would not have happened. There you go! You answered your questions."
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