Maruthi's Daughter Pulling Raashi's Cheeks

Most Directors make their children appear in their feature films at some stage, either because of their strong wish or due to any sentiment. Maruthi has done exactly the same when it comes to 'Prathi Roju Pandage'. His Daughter Abheeshta featured in the 'OO Baava' Song shot on the Lead Pair. In the recently released Song Promo, The Teenage Girl could be seen pulling the cheeks of Raashi Khanna. She might be essaying the role of Raashi's Younger Sister in this family entertainer.

Abheeshta is a good Painter. She is now testing her luck as an Actor as well. On the other hand, Maruthi's Son Asreesh is getting trained in Indian and Western Music from a young age. In that way, Maruthi is encouraging his children to chase their dreams.

So far, The buzz around 'Prathi Roju Pandage' is positive but it didn't get the required hype to receive a fantabulous opening. Clash with few other films on December 20th complicates the situation. What else does Maruthi have in store to make movie buffs throng the theaters in huge numbers?
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