Devineni Avinash Joins YSR congress

In a much shocker to the TDP party, Devineni Avinash quit the TDP party and joined the ruling YSR Congress Party.

From a long time, rumors of Avinash leaving the TDP party has started spreading, but he constantly denied them.

But in an interesting turn of events, he joined the YSR Congress party. Along with him, Kadiyala Bucchibabu also joined the party. They both met party chief YS Jagan at his residence in Tadepalli Gudem.

Talking about this Avinash said, my father used to tall me one thing since my childhood. "Lives of people are more important than our lives.. We should take any brave step for their well being".

 "I am not the person who talks that demeans or insults others".

"I strongly believe that we should fight for our people until our last breath," he added.

Our family is in this position, only just because of the activists and fans who showered unconventional love towards us. I felt very bad, that I could not provide justice to them who stood beside us in our sad moments.

"I am very thankful to Chandrababu Naidu for encouraging me. The respect I have towards him will continue forever," said Avinash.
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