Instagram Star Dane Bilzerian to contest the US Presidential Elections?

Dane Bilzerian often referred to as King of Instagram with more than 2.9 crore fans said that he will be contesting the US presidential elections in 2014. He confirmed this during an interview, given to a foreign magazine.

Answering to a question, do you really want to contest the presidential elections, he said: "I can't say no to the mummies, but I still think that everything is ready because there is so much time,".   

He is known for his playboy image. He often posts pictures of him with hot girls on his Instagram handle. He is born with a silver spoon and owns a lot of businesses. Being rich and maintaining a hot body makes him attractive and he enjoys a huge following among girls.

With the news of former Newyork Mayor contesting the presidential elections surfacing online, Trump said he is not worried about this. He might fear Dane who has a huge following in Social Media and has many businesses.

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