These sales have gone up after Tehsildar Vijaya Reddy's death

At least some persons are very happy with the tragic incident where a woman tehsildar was burnt alive by an aggrieved person in her office. Yes... strange but true. One man's poison can be other man's food. Pepper sprayer sellers are finding a business opportunity in this tragedy.

Ever since the incident involving Tehsildar Vijaya Reddy's death in a blaze in her office in Abdullahpurmet, the sales of pepper spray have gone up. The sales have gone up in the market and also online. More and more people, especially woman government officials dealing with land, revenue and pensions, are ordering pepper spray, which can be used to immobilise the attackers. A government official in the land record department has confirmed that the online sales have gone up significantly.

Usually, women in the West carry pepper spray to immobilise rapists, muggers and other assailants who try to attack them. Spraying causes burning in the eyes and will  impair their senses for some time. This will enable the woman to run away to safety. Immediately after the infamous Nirbhaya incident, there was a spurt in the sale of pepper spray. Now with the Vijaya Reddy incident, tehsildars, especially the women tehsildars are buying pepper spray to protect themselves.
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