Senseless social media wars!

If we look at our industry, we have progressed in terms of making, storytelling, marketing and many other aspects. But, fans have declined from fighting over 100-day records to Youtube records.

These days fans are making social media into a war zone and fighting over silly things like which hero's video got more views and likes. They are resorting to fake likes to get record number of likes. They even started disliking the rival hero's videos irrespective of its content. People are trolling heroes on Twitter, Facebook and whatnot. They start spreading negative talk on other hero's films right from the very first show. This is surely a bane for the industry and our stars as it is creating an unhealthy atmosphere across social media.

One thing people need to understand is that none could stop a good film with by spreading negative posts or save a bad film from failure by praising them heavily. Content is more powerful than anything and it is high time people understand this and stop spamming the comment sections.
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