Do you know that this film is releasing on 15th?

Telugu born Tamil hero Vishal created a good market in Tollywood with hits like 'Pandem Kodi', 'Pogaru' and few others. But after that, he delivered back-to-back flops for over a decade and lost his market completely. Though, he came up with few good films like 'Detective' and 'Abhimanyudu' in recent times, his films are not minting money like they used to do before.

Now, he is coming with a high-budget action entertainer film titled 'Action' on November 15th. The film has a good star cast in the form of Vishal, Tamanna, Kabir Singh, Shayaji Shinde, Ramki and others. But many filmgoers are not even aware of this and poor promotions from the team are to be blamed for. Earlier, his films used to get a minimum share of 2.5 crores but his recent films are doing inadequate business and this shows his current position in Telugu states.

On the flip side, this film's situation is not good in Tamil Nadu either. As both the big films 'Khaidi' and 'Bigil' which released on 25th October are running with packed crowds, Vishal's 'Action' is finding it tough to get enough number of theatres for release on 15th November.
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