Pressure On Officials To Pay Lokesh's Snacks Bill

Nara Lokesh served as AP Minister for a period of 2-3 years. During this phase, Snacks Bill of Chinna Babu at the Visakha Airport accounted for Rs 25 lakhs. In fact, TDP Government had paid Rs 12 lakhs by 2017 itself.

Fusion Foods Restaurant owned by TDP Leader Harshavardhan Chowdary sought the YCP Government to clear the pending bills of Nara Lokesh. Pressure has been mounted on the Officials to make the payment.

What did Nara Lokesh eat as snacks when he was at Visakha Airport? People are wondering how much an individual should eat in half-an-hour or an hour he or she waits in the VIP Lounge to make Rs 25 lakh bill in just two-and-a-half years? Why does Lokesh want to put extra burden on the state exchequer in this manner? Was he not in a position to pay his snacks bill?

Nara Lokesh have all the time to take potshots at the YCP Government. He, however, refrains from responding on the controversy surrounding his snacks bill at Visakha Airport. Lokesh had completely forgotten that he served as the Minister of a state in deep financial crisis. This wouldn't have happened had if he kept the facts in his mind.

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