Assam Government New Rules For Government Jobs

The Assam government has taken a sensational decision on government jobs. The Assam State cabinet has decided not to give government jobs to the candidates whoever has more than two kids by 2021 January 1. Reportedly, the cabinet has decided to implement a new land scheme.

According to the new land scheme, landless people will be given 3 bighas of agricultural land and half bigha land for house construction.

"New Land Policy was adopted. Three bighas of land will be given to landless indigenous people. Landless people will be offered half a bigha to construct their houses. These cannot be sold for 15 years," said CMO in its statement.

In September 2017, the Assam assembly has passed the "Population and Women Employment Policy of Assam" which specifies that the job application with two children only would be eligible for government and the existing government staff will also have to follow the two children policy strictly.

The Cabinet has also decided to increase the bus fares by 25 percent

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