Karthi announces 'Singham' combination movie!

Karthi is releasing Khaidhi on 25th October all over the World. Movie is directed by Lokesh Kanakaraj and it is about a convict, driving police officer with 250 kilos of narcotic drugs to the destination safely, when all mafia groups are ready to attack them.

This is a massy attempt by Karthi after a classy disaster like Dev. He has a good following in Telugu like his brother Suriya and he attented Telugu version Pre-release event on 20th October.

At the event, he thanked every media outlet, every fan and every viewer who showed utmost respect towards him and welcomed his films with two wide arms.

He said that Khaidhi will be an unique experience at theatres with full off action masala elements.

During the conclusion of his speech, he stated that Suriya will do another movie with Hari, the director of Aaru and Singham series, soon.

Suriya gave seven flops which have dismantled his carefully crafted image at the box office of Telugu Cinema, recently. He completed Sudha Kongara's film and is getting ready to join Hari's film.

Hope, Hari can come up with goods this time as his recent eccentric action movies Yamudu 3 and Swamy Square just did not work with audiences at all.
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