No change in Prabhas!

No matter how good an actor you are and how much popularity you have, your looks decide your future. These lines are absolutely true and that is why our stars strain their bodies for hours in the gym and work a lot on their appearance. Looks like Rebel star is in no mood to follow this.

Prabhas got nation-wide popularity because of 'Baahubali' and now there are fans for him across the country. His film 'Saaho' minting huge money despite the bad talk speaks volumes of his craze. But he was heavily criticized for his lazy attitude and bad looks in the film. His face lost the charm and appears to be bloated even during the promotions.

After all the backlash, fans expected him to work more on his looks but he hasn't. His recent pictures at Royal Albert Hall during the screening of 'Baahubali' came out and he appears the same way as he looked in 'Saaho'. It is a rare thing that actors get national-level craze and one needs do whatever it takes to sustain it. Hope Prabhas realises this and surprise us in his upcoming film with Radha Krishna.
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