Male Sex Workers Increasing In This State

The count of Male Sex Workers in Kerala has been inching closer to that of Female Sex Workers. As per Kerala State Aids Control Society (KSACS), There are 17,000 female and 13,331 male sex workers in God's Own Country.

What's alarming is the rise in migrant Sex Workers who are coming to cities from villages. Majority of the Sex Workers are in the age group of 36 to 46 years. Flesh Trade was conducted on hotels and flats. Those Sex Workers who grew older has been becoming Agents.

Most of the Female Migrant Sex Workers are coming from West Bengal, Bihar and Odisha. They have been influencing their relatives to join the flesh trade. Majority of the Male Sex Workers are coming from Kozhikode District in Kerala.

Over 10,000 Sex Workers are indulging in Drugs Abuse. 15 out of them were HIV Patients who were undergoing treatment. HIV Rate in Kerala dropped from 0.13 in 2008 to 0.05% in 2018.
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