Viral: Coach Disarms Student, Becomes Hero!

18-Year-Old Angel Granados-Diaz reached his school with a loaded shotgun to commit suicide on May 17th. Soon after knowing about it, Football Coach Keanon Lowe rushed to the classroom. He hadn't only risked his life to hug the Student but also separated the gun with the help of an another staff member.

Defense Lawyer Adam Thayne told the Judge that his Client wished to kill himself in the school so that his mother won't discover his body. He also informed the shotgun have only one round of bullet and that means there was no intention to harm anybody.

Angel Granados-Diaz has been lonely ever since the break-up with his Girlfriend. He had suicidal tendencies for months leading to the encounter in the school. Court sentenced him to three years of imprisonment on charges of unlawful possession of a loaded firearm. He will be provided mental health and substance abuse treatment during this period.

CCTV Footage of this incident surfaced online now. Keanon Lowe is being recognised as the hero for saving the life of a student and that of others.

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