New Liquor Policy In AP...Chalo Yanam!

YCP Government introduced new liquor policy within months after the general elections. Not only the prices were increased, Even the count of liquor shops were reduced and the existing ones has been shutting down by 8 pm. So, Boozers in Andhra Pradesh has been visiting Yanam more often these days.

As Yanam is a Union Territory, Fuel and Liquor Prices will be slightly less compared to the States. After the introduction of new liquor policy by YCP Govt, The vast differences between prices of liquor in AP and Yanam has been prompting the boozers to have sittings in the Union Territory.

AP Government increased the prices on each liquor brand by 20 to 30 percent. In addition, Permit Rooms were removed so boozers can't drink at the liquor shops anymore. Even Refrigerators had been banned in the liquor outlets. On the other hand, Liquor Shops and Bars will remain opened until 11 pm in Yanam and the prices will be less. Andhra Youngsters, Employees and Businessmen has been planning Yanam tours on regular basis ever since new Liquor Policy was introduced in AP early this month. This is why demand for liquor increased hugely in the Union Territory. Yanam Excise Authorities have been making necessary arrangements to meet the demand.

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