How Modi Used Bollywood In Mumbai Elections?

How to conduct election campaign even after the deadline for the campaign is over? Learn this art from Narendra Modi. Last time, he visited Kedarnath and meditated in a cave ahead of the last phase of election. The whole nation talked about him and naturally, the BJP got benefited from it. This time around, soon after the deadline for the campaign is over, Narendra Modi organised a meeting of Bollywood film stars and producers at his official residence. The meeting was in Delhi, but it is sure to impact the youth and the film lovers from Maharashtra as all these stars are from Mumbai.

He discussed with them about the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and how to promote nationalist spirit and Gandhian ideals through films. The likes of Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Kangana Ranaut, Boney Kapoor and others were present at the meeting. Remember, he met film personalities from Bollywood ahead of the Lok Sabha election, where the Bollywood stars took selfies with him and posted them on the Facebook and Twitter. This indirectly helped Narendra Modi and enhanced his image.

Modi spoke about Gandhi and sought suggestions from the film stars about promoting Gandhian principles through films. He also discussed about the 75th Independence day which would fall in 2022. Actors like Aamir Khan, who once spoke against Modi, have praised his initiatives and said that Modi was doing many good things. So, these stars campaigned for the BJP and Modi in Maharashtra and Haryana without actually hitting the roads. What can be a better publicity than this?

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