BJP Bike Rally An Opener For TRS Party

Just a single decision in politics can change the fate of the parties. TRS party is likely witnessing that. The current situation in the state after the RTC workers strike is turning out to be disastrous to the ruling party.

The BJP leaders got so much Self Confidence after winning the MP seats in Telangana post general elections. It's not so easy to win over KCR's daughter Kavita. KCR has won the elections for two consecutive times. Talasani Srinivas Yadav's son has also lost the elections. Talasani is known for executive political strategies with the utmost perfection. With defeating the ruling party candidates, BJP leaders got succeeded to boost up their cader.

After winning MP seats now there are focusing more on Telangana. RTC workers strike seems like an opportunity they can't miss. BJP state leaders including State President Laxman extended their support to the strike. Both the workers union and government are not in a mood to step down in this issue.

Amidst this situation, BJP's bike rally from Serilingampally to Kukatpally has bothered the TRS leaders. They were shocked to know the impact of the rally. This has boosted the leaders of BJP largely. Even the BJP party didn't expect so much crowd. RTC workers also have joined the rally along with the BJP activists. Keeping aside the RTC strike, this rally is an eye-opener for the ruling party of its image in the public. Let us see how the TRS party chief KCR responds to this.
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