This Heroine Lost Offers For Anti-BJP Stand

At times, Few Celebrities complain about what they have lost for taking an Anti-BJP Stand. Even Aamir Khan and Prakash Raj aren't an exception. And now, Swara Bhaskar joined the club with her explosive revelation.

During the launch of her upcoming flick 'Sheer Qorma', Swara Bhaskar complained she lost four brand endorsements and three events for campaigning against BJP Candidates in 2019 Elections. When quizzed why the influential people within the Industry remained silent, She explained: 'A Superstar faces flak for talking about dinner conversation and another Superstar's car was attacked for voicing his opinion, then can we expect people with legacies risk their lives, families, and career? That's something we have to ask ourselves as a society. It's high time Bollywood and other Film Industries in the country take responsibility for how they represent social issues. Sometimes, We pay a price but have to stand up for our convictions'.

Swara Bhaskar: 'If a Minority Community says there is intolerance in-the country, Listen to it. If a Dalit says he is scared of lynching, listen to him, You mayn't have experienced it because you're not from the minority community. If a girl says she freezes when a bike passed next to her on an empty street, listen to her. Just because you haven't experienced it doesn't mean it is legitimate'.
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