Amaravathi Under The Earthquake Zone

Chandrababu, former CM of the state, has laid a foundation for Amaravathi. Water and soil have been collected and poured from many rivers in the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has laid his hands on it. The establishment, however, was a boom, but none of the structures have advanced so aggressively, the structures of Amaravathi have come to a standstill. Jagan promotes development in all districts across the state.

According to a study conducted by IIT Hyderabad, 50 major areas of the country are in the earthquake zone. This study was jointly conducted by IIT Hyderabad, National Disaster Management and the Central Government.

Over a hundred years of this study, it has been found that the major cities of Vijayawada, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, and Mumbai may be hit by an earthquake. Does this affect on Amaravathi? be the summary of the discussion. Depending on the report given now. If there is any problem. it is only for Vijayawada.

 Sivaramakrishnan's report on Amaravathi in the past also mentioned the area of Amaravathi is not an earthquake zone. The main factor is that the land is composed of different minerals and especially the lateral soils are very high.
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