Super Over New Rules!

England would never have been won the World Cup 2019, with the new ICC tie break rules. Under the new rules in Dubai, when scores are level after a super over there will be more super overs played until one team has scored more runs than the other.

Only two knockout games in the history of the Cricket World Cup, Australia's tie with South Africa in 1999 semi-final, and this year's final.

Other decisions were taken during the four-day meetings:

Both Nepal and Zimbabwe are readmitted as members of ICC, previously being suspended for government interference. The election of the 17-member central working committee for the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) was completed earlier this month and got readmitted.

The ICC also announced a significant hike in women's prize money, including prize money for the next Women's World Cup, in 2021, increasing from $2 million to $3.5m.

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