Why This Motivated Campaign Against Olectra?

A motivated campaign seems to be on against private electric bus company Olectra. Efforts are on to blame the company for the losses of the RTC. But, what are the facts?

The Telangana RTC has over 10640 buses of which 2140 are rented private buses, while the remaining 8320 are owned by the RTC. Of the 2140 rented buses, only 40 buses belong to Olectra. This works out to just 0.38 per cent only. Is the Olectra, which has joined barely seven months ago, making hundreds of crores of rupees of profit with these 40 buses?  Can an owner of just 40 buses be blamed for the losses running into hundreds of crores. Importantly, these losses got accumulated over a period of several years, while Olectra joined just seven months ago. The fact of the matter is that the RTC is incurring Rs 1200 losses every year. The main causes of these losses are rising fuel prices, absence of subsidy for fuel and the past dues amounting Rs 5000 crores.  So, blaming Olectra is a diversionary ruse.

Another fake allegation is that Olectra sold its buses to the TSRTC. The buses are being run on lease and have not been sold to the RTC. What the Central government pays to the Olectra is just Rs 20 crore.  How can Olectra gobble up Rs 3500 crore with just forty buses and in just seven months? So, why is a section of media targeting Olectra? Is there more to it than meets the eye?

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