Scene Reverse For Dil Raju!

There was a time in the industry where any script touched by Dil Raju turned out to be a super hit. This star producer known for knack of picking good scripts is hailed as one of the most influential personalities in Tollywood. But, he seems to have hit a roadblock these days.

Most of his films are tanking at the box-office. He facing successive flops and his most ambitious project 'Srinivasa Kalyanam' was a huge debacle. Though 'Maharshi' was a hit, the profits were minimal which he had to share with two other producers. Also, Raju is going through a bad phase in terms of distribution. Most of the big films he distributed off late ended up as duds and left a huge hole in his pocket. Adding salt to the wound, the lease agreements he made in certain areas are nearing deadline.

With all these happenings forcing him down, wonder what he is thinking right now!
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