Is RTC Lacking A Leader Like KCR?

No CM in the Telugu States dares to take a fierce decision to dismiss 48,000 RTC workers like KCR. If RTC union possesses a leader like KCR, he might have not let this happen. This episode clearly shows that no leader in the RTC has a strong commitment like KCR. By merging RTC in the Government, RTC will benefit more than that of the workers. The strike is growing bigger day by day. While Telangana CM KCR didn't fail to create fear in the workers with his decisions.

KCR suspended 48,00 RTC workers and appointed temporary staff to make sure that the public is not affected by this strike. Seems like everything is going in KCR's way. Critics are saying that KCR knows very well how to use police force during these kinds of situations. Lack of leaders with determination like that of KCR's in the RTC side can be seen clearly.

Generally, when RTC goes on to strike CM will be in defense mode mostly, But quite contrast to that he is taking aggressive decisions, which is making RTC workers fear. The opposition parties failed measurably in encashing the situation. If everything goes well, we might be able to witness another aggressive leader like KCR from RTC.

No leader from the other parties can make the parties fight against the government regarding the strike. Seems like no other leader know when to step up in the strike and take over the issue like KCR.
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