Producer Reports On Star Hero!

The words Controversy and Simbu go hand-in-hand. Tamil star hero Simbu is always stuck in one or the other controversy. Now, a producer had filed a complaint on him in the producers council for not showing up for shooting on time.

Producer Gnanavel Raja known for producing most of Suriya and Karthi's films, is making a film with Simbu. As per reports, Simbu is not co-operating with the team and is coming for the shooting at his own convenience. This is making it tough for the director to film combination scenes with him and the other actors. Other artists are made to wait for long hours because of Simbu which is affecting them and is increasing the shooting days. This has become a huge burden on Gnanavel Raja as the budget keeps increasing. He had to pay extra money to other artists and the budget had crossed the limit.

Frustrated by this attitude, Raja decided to report on Simbu in the producer's council and demanded justice. We usually see comedians or other artists troubling producers but a hero himself delaying the shoots is quite new. Only Simbu knows how to come up with a unique controversy every time.
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